5 Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

What are the Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards?

What are the Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards?

Long gone are the days of chalkboards and powdered erasers. Today’s classrooms use a variety of advanced technology to engage their students and boost their academic performance while making teaching more fun and interactive. Our latest addition to our product line is our interactive LCD monitors and interactive whiteboards by A&M Church & School Furniture.

In California there are thousands of students sitting in our desks, working at our tables, and sitting in our chairs. At A&M Church & School Furniture all of our classroom products are designed to maximize teaching and learning by making classroom furniture that is comfortable and practical.

A&M Church & School Furniture LCD Monitors and Interactive Whiteboards

It can sometimes be intimidating for teachers who are teaching students who are so tech savvy that they sometimes become the teacher in the classroom. Our interactive whiteboards are easy to use and work beautifully with any mobile device.

You are in more control of your classroom technology and your students are more engaged which in turn increases their ability to learn. Here are 5 other benefits to using our interactive whiteboards and LCD monitors in your classrooms.

#1: Makes Learning Fun

Even when classrooms used chalkboards students loved to write on the board with chalk. Today’s classroom “chalkboards” are sleek and attractive like our Donview all-in-one-touch screen. Its narrow frame and stylish grey frame show off its advanced design.

Think of how anxious your students will be to try out your board. All of your images and presentations are presented in full HD 1080 point display. The all-in-one features include infrared technology and interactive computer capabilities.

#2: Engages Students

Your students will benefit from the ability to give professional looking presentations on your interactive whiteboard. Our designs make presentations clearer, bolder, and more visually stunning. Our technology even includes gesture recognition and six point touch.

A&M Church & School Furniture interactive whiteboards come compatible with both Android and Windows operating systems. You can use your own Smartphone or Tablet to access information on the web and display it directly on your LCD monitors. Meanwhile you can use the stylus to write and your fist to erase quickly and easily.

#3: Easy to Use

If your classroom is Wi-Fi capable or you use a hotspot on your Smartphone you can completely wire your PC to your Tablet to your interactive whiteboard. Save documents and teaching materials on a USB port located on the front of your whiteboard.

Point click, select, or move any object using only your index finger. The screen comes with 18 different hot keys located on either side of your LCD Monitor or whiteboard. No need to download any added software to connect your devices; your whiteboard comes fully loaded and equipped with all operating systems including Mac.

#4: Saves Costs

Just think of how much money you will save each year on dry erase markers or chalk if you still use a blackboard. By using our interactive whiteboards and LCD monitors you will dramatically cut down on classroom expenses while exponentially improving the learning environment within your classroom.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can use your interactive whiteboard in tandem with a corkboard for displaying excellent student achievements and a whiteboard for listing assignments. We offer the best of these products as well in many different sizes and styles.

#5: Offers Pre-Loaded Lessons by Subject

One feature you will only get with an A&M Church & School Furniture interactive whiteboard is our pre-loaded teaching software. You can upload and display lessons by subject including math, science, reading, and art. Our lessons are constantly updated so that you have access to the latest and most advanced teaching tools on the market.

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Our classroom desks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Each product is designed for efficient learning. It has long been understood in the teaching profession that when your students are comfortable and alert they learn better. The goal at A&M Church & School Furniture is to help you to provide that for your students.

Adding our new interactive whiteboards and LCD monitors to your classroom will help you to get the most out of your lessons. Your students will be more engaged and your material will be geared toward increasing interaction between you and your students.

Are you interested in adding one of our new interactive whiteboards to your classroom? Browse all of our teaching products from desks to chairs to our new interactive whiteboards and media boards. Simply fill out our contact form to get a quote now for your classroom needs.