ELR-15326 Bentwood Linking Stools


The ELR 15326 Linking Stool guarantees little ones will love helping you make a learning circle with the Bentwood Linking Stools. Safe and easy to link together and pull apart, stools transform quickly from single seats to benches to amphitheater-style rows when it’s time for show-and-tell. 20 stools link together to form a perfect circle with plenty of room for everyone—multiple configurations provide endless classroom possibilities! Comfortable stools feature a uni-body design made of multi-ply birch, with smooth rounded edges. Designed as a complement to the Bentwood collection, stools stack to save space. Sold in packs of four.


ELR-15326 Bentwood Linking Stools  work well in group or individual learning situations. Birch construction with smooth rounded edges and uni-body design. 

Stool Features:

  • Solid Birch Construction
  • Uni-Body Design
  • Link up to 20 Stools Together
  • 22″ x 17″ x 12″
  • Sold In Packs of Four 
  • 2 Year warranty


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