Equipment Lease Financing Solutions for Schools

Last May, Governor Brown signed into law $6 billion in new funding for California schools and community colleges. This will account for an increase of $3,000 per student, a nearly 50% uptick. Yet that money is not enough to make up for the losses racked up since 2007 when budget cuts nearly devastated the California school system. This is a trend we’re seeing across the country.

Furniture Family Saves Schools Money

More money is going to help struggling California school budgets in the near term, but even $6 billion won’t fix the deep deficits left after the economic collapse. What you do with that money will make all the difference.

Now you can stow more money for a rainy day by choosing our Furniture Family equipment lease financing solutions for schools. Our partners specialize in equipment lease financing for schools of all different types including:

  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Public Schools
  • New Schools

If your classrooms have been in dire need of a technological upgrade but the funds were not there, our lease financing options will help you stretch your dollar. Our classroom furniture is extremely versatile and durable. Choose the financing option that best suits your needs. We have both short and long term financing solutions.

Make Your Dollar Stretch

At Furniture Family, we don’t just sell top quality classroom furniture. We can also help you figure out the right furniture for your needs. Our designs are based on feedback from industry professionals from purchasing agents to the teachers. We produce the type of versatile furniture that makes learning more interactive and therefore more effective.

Some school districts are mandating that classroom furniture be able to be moved about the classroom for more effective teaching. You can use this current influx of cash into your school budget to secure financing for furniture that will last you for at least another decade.

The Benefits of Financing through Furniture Family

We offer several different financing options depending on your particular situation. Here is a quick rundown of the pros of each equipment lease financing solution:

Zero Money Down Financing

We offer 100% financing, helping you to stretch your dollar farther. Focus more money on hiring new teachers while still maximizing your school equipment budget with our zero money down option.

Short Term Financing

If you have the funds for some new classroom equipment but not enough, our short term financing solution can help you spread the costs of your new purchase over several school budgets. Our short term financing solutions start at two year terms.

Long Term Financing

For those schools planning on investing long term in Furniture Family classroom equipment, we offer long term financing for up to 60 months. Stretch your dollar as far as it can go with this smart money saving investment.

Custom Financing

Say you aren’t sure what you can afford for your school or which equipment to purchase. We offer custom lease financing options based on your particular needs.

We are now your one-stop-shop for all of your school equipment supplies. If you need equipment, tables, shelves, interactive whiteboards, you name it, you can finance it through Furniture Family.

We Offer Office Furniture Leasing Options Too

Over the last decade plus, we have earned our reputation as the top supplier of school equipment but that’s not all we do. You can purchase top of the line office equipment through our office furniture leasing option. No matter your industry – from IT equipment to boardroom furniture – we have what you need at the most affordable prices in California.

Ask About Financing Options for Your Church Furniture

You can buy pews, tables, cabinets, even playground equipment for your church through Family Furniture equipment lease financing. Our furniture is built to last and designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Enhance your church services with ergonomically designed church furniture.

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Whether you are looking to upgrade your classroom furniture and equipment or your church needs new pews, you can now finance your purchase through Family Furniture. Our leasing options are designed to fit all budgets.

From the very beginning our mission has been to help businesses, churches, and schools, afford higher quality tables and chairs. Today our product line is continually expanding to offer even better service and savings to our customers. Talk to us now or simply request a quote to discuss your furniture and equipment leasing solutions today.