Office Furniture Design

Office Furniture Design Tips You’ll Want to Try

Office Furniture Design

Whether or not you want to admit it, you spend a great deal of your time in your office. In fact, most Americans do.

According to a recent Distractify survey…

“…you’ll spend 5 years of your life sitting at your desk, and 10.3 years of your life at work.”

It only makes sense, then, that you invest in office furniture that will make you and your employees comfortable and efficient, while offering durability.

Too many people today are working in office environments that are not well designed or equipped – and we’re on a mission to change that!

Let’s take a look at some of the office furniture design tips that we encourage all of our clients to think about prior to making a furniture purchase.

Don’t Skip These Office Furniture Design Ideas

#1 Make a list of your basic business needs.

Too often, people fail to plan for the everyday needs of their business, and therefore they will buy furniture that falls short. Have a plan before you start to shop for office furniture. Know what your needs are, and be open to an expert giving you ideas for how to best meet them. You will want to work with an expert who has extensive knowledge of his or her products in order to come up with the most beneficial design strategy.

#2 Choose your location wisely.

Often times, we don’t have much choice when it comes to picking the building or location of our business – particularly if you’re in a corporate setting where these decisions are made at the executive level. In this case, you will need to think about how you can best utilize the space that you are dealt, so to speak.

Again, working with a team you trust can be a lifesaver here – sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can give the best advice on ideas for spacing furniture or office set up. If you have some flexibility with where your office space will be, even better. Think about your furniture needs, and how they will fit into your potential office space as you are shopping around for real estate.

#3 Choose furniture that reflects your style, as well as the style of your company.

It seems obvious, but you wouldn’t put the same furniture in a trendy advertising agency that you would put in a law office. Choose furniture that reflects and portrays the image of your company, and that also suits your personal style.

Work with a company that can offer you a wide range of products in many different styles. You might try a combination of colors, or even venture out into new office trends such as co-working spaces, relaxation rooms and more.

#4 Select furniture that is designed to work for you.

The office desk is, without a doubt, at the center of all that is office furniture. It is important to take into account how you work, and the products and technologies that you work with on a regular basis. Your office desk should be able to seamlessly and efficiently integrate the technologies that you use on a day to day basis, such as dual monitors or a printer.

Choose office furniture that helps you work smarter – not furniture that makes you work harder. One of the most recent trends in office desks is the “standing desk”.

#5 Don’t forget to take the little things into consideration

It may seem trivial, but don’t forget the little things when choosing your office furniture. For instance, is there room to house the office supplies that you use on a regular basis? Do you have enough room for all of your files?

Will you have enough lighting? Will stacking a room with eight desks cause too much noise when everyone is on the phone? Questions like these may not seem important, but trust us – they are.

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