Wall Mounted Skateboard Security Rack Genesis 7


The Genesis 7 is our wall mounted skateboard security rack. This unit easily mounts to any masonry brick, block or concrete wall surface. Once installed, the Genesis 7 secures up to 7 skateboards. Wall mounting is perfect for when you don’t want to obstruct walkways and sidewalks, or concrete floor surfaces aren’t available. In addition, wall mounting the Genesis 7 gives you the freedom to mount the rack at the ideal height for your users – lower for children, and higher for adults. Plus, this is the skateboard rack for you if you want to store several skateboards. You can mount several Genesis 7’s in a fairly small area by mounting them above and below one another, and side-by-side.

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Wall Mounted Skateboard Security Rack Genesis 7 is zinc plated and secures up to 7 skateboards. The wall mount allows for great freedom of where you place the unit(s). Units can be placed side by side or above one another to maximize wall space.

Skateboard Rack Features:

  • Wall mount
  • O.D 12″w x 30″h
  • Zinc Plated
  • Secures 7 skateboards
  • 12 year warranty


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